funny face

This is Babeng after being yelled at for trying to sleep on top of a pillow. She’s allowed on the sofa but she knows pillows are a no go. With a face like this, how can anyone stay mad for long?


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pug versus wienerdoodle

This is Babeng and Pima goofing around during the BBQ at Cindy’s & Steve’s place last Sunday. As you can see, Babeng is a complete nutter while Pima is the long-suffering gentle giant.

I’m going to miss this when Pima moves to Paris. I’m sure Babeng will miss it even more 😦

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face off

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the truce about cats and dogs

Babeng and Atticus having a pow wow.

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batik sheets

i too think of the future, originally uploaded by grouchiosa.

Babeng looking at George and prolly wondering how he’d taste roasted.

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Georgie is a very expressive cat. You can usually guess what he’s feeling just by looking at his smug mug. Can you tell he’s looking very pleased with himself for opening the childgate and letting Babeng eat his shit?

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MC no more!

I’m happy to report the little terroriser is OK now. She’s still on medication but docs have given her a clean bill of health and all the needle holes are healing nicely. Poor little tyke.

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